April 17, 2023

Innovate with Azure Arc

Companies across industries and throughout the world have begun to increasingly invest in Hybrid and Multi-Cloud technologies. Organisations have accepted and embraced the necessity behind ensuring they have the flexibility to innovate anywhere, anytime and meet ever-evolving business needs.

The challenge, however, is the management and security of these environments to build and enable Cloud-native applications.

Enter Azure Arc, which aims to encompass this process to make the entire production feasible.

Microsoft Azure Arc, What Is It?

Well, simply put, Azure Arc is a set of Microsoft Cloud technologies which extend the existing Azure Management and Services to suit any organizational infrastructure. In fact, the latest version of the Azure services embraces the pinnacle of innovation – unlocking even more scenarios for the benefit of their customers to manage legacy systems and data. Axure Arc extends Microsoft Cloud Service and best practice to your entire organization.

In a nutshell, Azure Arc allows its customers to run Azure services within any Kubernetes environment in any form – be it on-premises, Multi-Cloud or at the Edge. It is no slacker either, as the technology has been adopted by global conglomerates such as KPMG, Ford, Ferguson and SKF – you may have heard of them.


Today, the wealth of Azure Arc services has expanded to include Azure Machine Learning, an enterprise-grade service which enables Data Scientists to build, deploy and manage machine learning models – which is a lot simpler (and less terrifying) than it sounds. By utilising the platform capabilities to extend Machine Learning Capabilities to Hybrid or Multi-Cloud environments, our clients can train models to operate directly where Data is stored whilst piggybacking off your existing infrastructure. Not only does this reduce unnecessary movement, but it fully meets security and compliance requirements alike.

With a single click, Data Scientists can utilise familiar tools to build machine learning models which are consistent, dependable and able to operate anywhere.

It does not end there – here are some additional benefits you can enjoy

  • Azure Arc enables your organisation to build Cloud-Native environments anywhere and at scale.
  • Likewise, developers can centrally code and deploy Cloud-Native applications securely.
  • The management of Cloud-Native applications can also be applied to any existing infrastructure.
  • By collaborating with Nutanix, Microsoft have ensured that integration provides customers with a consistent, reliable Hybrid/Multi-Cloud Solution – one which extends the Azure experience.


With Azure, Microsoft meets your business in the middle and allows you to innovate anywhere. This platform is a surefire way to bring new solutions to life – meeting today’s challenges head-on to create a more dynamic organizational future. In fact, Azure Arc may be considered as the bridge which extends to your existing platform.

The end results. The ability to build applications and services with the flexibility required to run across Datacenters, Edge and Multi-Cloud environments alike. The platform further provides a consistent development, operational and security model for new or existing applications. Customers across the board are using it to revolutionise their businesses – either building from scratch or simply expanding on existing hardware.

Simply put, Azure and Azure Arc are your gateways to creating innovative solutions whilst simultaneously overcoming longstanding security/governance challenges alike.

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