Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

Embrace the potential of secure and reliable remote and hybrid work with Azure’s robust virtualisation capabilities, allowing employees to securely access their applications and data from any device, anywhere in the world.


Explore Azure products​

Application and data modernisation

Accelerate time to market, deliver innovative experiences, and improve security with Azure application and data modernisation. Achieve a more comprehensive and optimised technology landscape.

Azure Arc

A single pane of glass management tool to help you to control, secure, manage and govern your entire on-premise, hybrid, multicloud and edge environments, including your non-Azure resources.

Backup and disaster recovery

Two important services for protecting data and ensuring business continuity in the event of a disaster, accidental deletion, corruption, cyber-attack or data loss.

Cloud migration

Leverage Azure’s capabilities to seamlessly transition applications and data to the cloud, enabling businesses to take advantage of the scalability, reliability, and flexibility offered by Azure’s cloud infrastructure

Hybrid cloud infrastructure

Migrate your existing infrastructure to the cloud, implement a multi-cloud strategy, or create a hybrid infrastructure that combines both on-premises and cloud resources.

Security and governance

We can show you how Azure’s services can help audit, enforce and manage the security and governance of your environments, and meet external regulations through compliance controls.

Empower your business with the transformative capabilities of Microsoft Azure, backed by the expertise and support of Braintree by Vox. Embrace the future of cloud computing, and watch your organisation thrive with unparalleled scalability, innovation, and security. Experience the perfect fusion of technology and business acumen.